An evening with music by the Argentine composer Astor Piazzolla.  Sonorous arrangements for violin, cello, accordion and double bass. Milonga Loca, Caliente, Michelangelo 70, Soledad, the angel trilogy Milonga del Angel, Muerte del Angel and Resurrección del Angel and many other works by Piazzolla.

CD “Amarcord Wien plays Astor Piazzolla” (2003)

  1. Revirado listen
  2. Caliente  listen
  3. Vardarito
  4. Soledad
  5. Tanguedia I
  6. Tanguedia II  listen
  7. Coral
  8. Allegro tangabile
  9. Michelangelo 70
  10. Muerte del Angel
  11. Milonga del Angel  listen
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