Sebastian Gürtler | violin
Michael Williams | cello
Gerhard Muthspiel | bass
Tommaso Huber | accordion



“If one had to describe music and its myriad possibilities, there would be one short answer: Amarcord Wien” – an emphatic statement from a well known Austrian music critic after attending a concert in Bruchnerhaus Linz. The conductor Franz Welser Möst wrote: “One discusses so often which new directions music should take, and here is a prime example, showing that the imagination has no limits. Emanating from a classical background, these artists of the highest category find paths that have not yet been taken”.

It is difficult to categorize Amarcord Wien. Although deeply rooted in the classical tradition, the musicians have evolved their approach to music beyond these boundaries. The basic principle is to create arrangements that constantly seek new ways to interpret, understand and communicate the music, irrespective of traditions, and not shy to deviate from the original manuscript, until it becomes “Amarcord”. That means, the unadulterated musical experience comes before dedication to the score, combined with the typical Amarcord sound, transparent, incorrigibly playful, sporadically improvised, and all that with unparalleled technical perfection. Founded in 2000, the ensemble has achieved a reputation celebrated by audiences around the world.

Amarcord Wien is at home both in the Vienna Musikverein and the Vienna Konzerthaus, also in the Grazer Congress and the Bruchnerhaus Linz. They have been guest artists in Germany at the Schwetzinger and Ludwigsburger Festspiele, the Istanbul Festival, Osterklang Vienna and Klangwolke Linz, the Festspiels in Luzern, Nomus Festival Novi Sad, Attergauer Kultursommer and the Gustav Mahler Musikwochen in Toblach Italy. Amongst other places they have performed in Paris, Bratislava, Munich, Milan and Venice. 2011/2012 sees them performing in the large hall of the St. Petersburg Philharmonie, the Festpielhaus Baden-Baden and the opera house in Shanghai.

Up until now, they have produced five CDs. “Amarcord Wien plays Astor Piazzola” (2003), “Pictures at an Exhibition” (2004), and “Satie” (2005). In 2009 they released the CD “Mahler Lieder” with mezzo soprano Elizabeth Kulman. It received the international recording prize “Toblacher Komponierhӓuschen 2010” and the Pasticcio Prize from the Austrian Radio. Their most recent CD is a tenth anniversary program “Bon Voyage” released in early 2011.

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